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Viña Dalbosco...about the vineyard

The Vineyard is located in rural community of Punitaqui, 25 kilometers south of the city of Ovalle in Chile’s Coquimbo Region. Punitaqui is situated deep in the interior of the Limari Valley, a valley that crosses the middle of a larger and narrow valley that stretches from the foothills of the Andes Mountains to the Pacfic Coast. The diverse climate of this valley creates a very special climate for the production of wines.

A complete lack of precipitation during the harvest allows the grapes to reach full maturity without disturbance. Due to the high number of bright sunny days, the dramatic solar radiation allows for an abundance of photosynthesis which results favorable productivity and high quality organoleptic berries (tannins, color, aromatic aspects).

The climatic influence of the nearby Andes Mountains is most noticeable at night when temperatures can drop as low as 1ºC (33.8 °F) a most favorable condition for vine growth and color development in the grapes for red wines. The combination of these factors: light, temperature, and absence of rainfall, the Dalbosco Vineyard estate possesses very unique and perfect conditions from a viticultural point of view.

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