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The Dalbosco family... our history

Dalbosco Vineyards was founded by the Dalbosco Cazzanelli brothers—Giorgio, Roberto, Renato and Franco —in 2008. The foundation of the vineyard, carries on the pioneering spirit and the legacy of the family, whose father, arrived and settled in Chile in 1952 from the Trento region in northern Italy, a region well known for its prestigious winemaking tradition whose viticultural techniques were passed-on to future Dalbosco generations from their father, under the close supervision of nonna Dessi.

The vineyard was founded with the purpose of utilizing the quality grapes obtained from the vines planted years earlier in the estate known as “Las Lluvias” (The Rain) in the rural community of Punitaqui, Chile. Dalbosco Vineyards was established with the mission to produce fine wines of the highest quality, obtained using the best technology of the wine industry while keeping the highest environmentally safe standards of production. The wines are principally for international markets.

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